Air Kepler

A full stack travel app that calculates distances and travel time from planet to planet. Smooth login/signup interface with Auth0. Forecasted distances to planets in real time. Offered users the ability to find the cheapest trips by finding the shortest distance.

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Custom Crafts

A full stack store application selling spaceships of all kinds. Built with React, Python/Flask, and Graphene/graphql. Items can be filterd by all categories. Users are authorized with Auth0, and can make orders and see order history. The store admin can view the stores inventory, total sold ships, and adjust the stock of each item.

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Roaming Rovers

A front end application to explore Mars using the Nasa Mars Rover Photos API. Built with React/Redux with hooks and Grommet. Single page appication with reactive state to keep track of user search queries.

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Paws And Claws

A full stack application to connect people looking for a pet with pets that need homes. Multi user-type authorization utilizing JWT, Sequelize, and Express. Ability to add, edit, and delete pets from the database and send requests from adopter to shelter.

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