Zachary Rizer

Performer and Educator: one low note at a time

Learning to PLay bass has never been this much fun!

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Don't just play the bass, Play Music!

Modeling my teaching roughly around the great Victor Wooten's 10 elements of music concept, I treat music as a language, because it is!

  • Playing music involves having a conversation with your fellow musicians and expressing an idea

  • I focus on all elements of music equally, going beyond just the theory and technique

The STudent Comes First!

  • Music should be a personal thing, and everyone learns differently!

  • I model my lessons totally around the student:

    • I completely alter my lesson plans depending on what they want from lessons and their skill level

    • I patiently pace my lessons depending on what is most comfortable/needed


Everyone has something to offer musically. My job is to find that unique element and guide that person to their full potential!

Student testimonials:

"Zach Rizer is Epic! His knowledge base is exceptional and his passion for music and teaching are second to none! If you are remotely interested in learning to play the bass, DO YOURSELF A FAVOR and study with Zach!! You will have a blast and build some serious "chops" if you stick with him!!!!" - David W.

"I've been taking bass lessons with Zach Rizer since I was about 14. I have learned an immense amount of material and knowledge over the years from Zach, and I wouldn't be the player I am today, or the one I will be tomorrow if it wasn't for him. Zach plays at an extremely high level and was able to teach me anything and everything I needed to know about the bass (upright and electric), as well as every music theory question I ever needed answered. I am now 22, a senior in college studying Jazz with an emphasis in performance, and I still ask him questions as he always has the answers. Zach was the only private teacher that I could make sense of when I was younger. He was very patient, but also knew how to push my technical ability. Taking lessons from him while in college for music was the exact same, as his knowledge base, playing level, and teaching ability exceed way beyond the undergraduate level. I've not only learned my technical ability from Zach, but I have also discovered how to become a better musician on my own as well. If you need bass/theory lessons of any kind, at any age, he's your guy!" - Max P.

"I really had fun learning the bass from Zach! He's great at giving feedback that lets you know what to improve and how to improve it. He listens to what you want to learn and knows how to personalize the lessons to take you to the next level." - Emily W.

SOme FACTS about myself:

Participating as a faculty member at the 2015 Kansas City Bass Workshop featuring the absolutely breathtaking, world-renowned upright bassist François Rabbath! What an honor and a privilege.

  • I've played bass for over 15 years and taught for over 10 years

  • I'm comfortable teaching all skill levels, all ages, and all styles:

    • my focus is on improvisation and groove based music (funk, jazz, fusion, etc)

  • I'm proficient with all modern and advanced bass techniques

  • I teach all major topics of music theory and reading music

  • Bring your gear related quandaries to me!

    • I'm well versed in all things electronics (amplifiers, pedals, basses, and more)