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So many changes! Pedalboard overhaul!

It has been way too long since my last blog post. So much has changed! I've moved into a new house, which includes a room for all my musical equipment. This means more practice time, better vides, and more content! I've been working on some new solo videos and solo covers. Check out my most recent solo video, entitled 'Pulsar', here:

This track features my lovely Dingwall ABZ Six String Bass, Source Audio Aftershock Distortion pedal, Strymon Mobius, Eventide H9, and most importantly my new Boss ES-8 effects switching system! It required weeks of overhaul for me to fit this beast on my board. I had to add a second tier shelf, get the lid refitted, and spend hours cutting cables! But it was well worth it. Such an amazing piece of kit. Check out my full review of the ES-8 here!

Robot Voices and Reverbs!

Been busy with pedal demos recently. To start things off, I get weird with the Electro Harmonix Iron Lung Vocoder! Nothing is more fun that letting your bass do all the work for you while singing. Voice controls shape, attack, and volume of the note, and my bass controls pitch. So fun! Then I got on a reverb kick. First up, Eventide's amazing H9 showing off its Space and Reverb algorithms. Then I had the pleasure of getting the lovely Strymon BigSky back in my hands! Enjoy all the floating, ethereal reverb bliss!  

New solo video!

I had forgotten how much fun the Electro Harmonix Iron Lung Vocoder is! After messing around with it for a few hours, this video was created! It isn't a perfect song, or a perfect take, but I sure had fun making it! I also am planning some pedalboard updates soon. Few things leaving, and a few things coming! Not sure what yet exactly, but things are always changing on the good old board. Looking at possibly adding some new dirt flavors (SolidGoldFX Imperial and Fairfield Circuitry Unpleasant Surprise), and possibly adding back on a stand alone delay (probably another TC Electronic Flashback Mini). I'm also toying with the idea of adding a switching system to be able to flip pedal order on the fly! Maybe a Pedal Palette if I can find a way to fit it. Anyway, enjoy the vocoding jam! 

New pedal on the board, and a new review video!

I had forgotten how much I absolutely loved the Electro Harmonix Superego pedal. That 'gliss' feature is just amazing! So unique. Happy to have it back on my board. So here is a pic of the most recent version of the board. Nice to finally have it full again! I'm also really curious about the Boss VO-1 Vocoder that just came out at NAMM 2016. Once it is shipping I might have to pick one up! 

Along with the addition of the Superego back on the board, I decided to do a bass review of the pedal because it is just that cool! Enjoy! 

Working out some new ideas.

I'm having fun working out solo bass ideas for the first time in a while. No looping, no effects, just plain ol' bass playing! Feels good to really push my hands a bit again. My looping had made me lazy in some ways. Trying to write an interesting piece of music with just my bass is opening up a few new things to my musical mind and my hands! Here's two rough little ditties I was playing around with (second ditty starts at 1:21 into the video):