Zachary Rizer

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More pedal board changes!

The buying, selling, and trading game never stops! I realized I still like the Source Audio OFD's gated fuzz sound more than the Zvex Mastotron. So I put a gated fuzz preset back on the OFD and took the Mastotron back off the board. I'm also using more and more keys live. To the point where I'm looking at buying a second synth (Waldorf Blofeld Keyboard)! So the EHX Key 9 isn't getting used enough for the space. Have to figure out what I'm going to put in that spot! In the mean time, I've trying out a MXR Bass Distortion. Since I had to replace my Rat preset with the gated fuzz sound on the OFD, I still wanted to keep a higher gain Rat style distortion. Hopefully the MXR will cover that ground!