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New City and Two New Videos!

I decided to mix thing up a bit. I felt a change was needed, and now felt to be the right time! So I pickup up and moved to the lovely Portland Oregon! I see many hikes, lots of biking, and hopefully tons of music in my near future! Loving the city so far, and I can't wait to see what it has to offer down the road. 

I christened my arrival here with two new videos! One is a solo bass rendition of the Beatles song 'Something'. And the second is a bass review of the absolutely amazing Eventide H9 multi effects pedal. Enjoy! 

More pedal board changes!

The buying, selling, and trading game never stops! I realized I still like the Source Audio OFD's gated fuzz sound more than the Zvex Mastotron. So I put a gated fuzz preset back on the OFD and took the Mastotron back off the board. I'm also using more and more keys live. To the point where I'm looking at buying a second synth (Waldorf Blofeld Keyboard)! So the EHX Key 9 isn't getting used enough for the space. Have to figure out what I'm going to put in that spot! In the mean time, I've trying out a MXR Bass Distortion. Since I had to replace my Rat preset with the gated fuzz sound on the OFD, I still wanted to keep a higher gain Rat style distortion. Hopefully the MXR will cover that ground!

Been on the road, sorry for the delay! Source Audio Bass OFD Review!

Sorry for the delay in new content. Been hitting the road again with Mouth! We had three awesome dates opening up for Papadosio in Champaign Illinois, St. Louis Missouri, and Lawrence Kansas! Those dudes are awesome, and so are the three venues we got to play. This week we're doing a little southern trip to Dallas TX, Tulsa OK, and Norman OK. Can't wait to get back home and get back to more videos and lessons!  In the meantime here is the review I did for the Source Audio Bass OFD last week! Enjoy.